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Domino’s will let you track your pizza delivery with GPS technology

By the end of this year, you’ll be able to track your Domino’s Pizza delivery via GPS. The company is known for embracing technology, and it’s done things like deliver pizza via robots and self-driving vehicles and allowed orders through cars. It’s experimented with cashless stores and even turning on smart home porch lights when the delivery person is near. But telling you where your pizza is as it’s en route to your door might be Domino’s most practical tech experiment yet.

The added capability won’t just satisfy hungry customers. According to CNBC, CEO Ritch Allison said

I’m more excited about the data that franchise operators will get from the GPS tracking, which could help owners make the delivery process more efficient.

The company’s shares recently fell six percent, and with any luck, this practical tech offering could give it a boost. While Domino’s is leading the way, we could see more food delivery services offering GPS tracking in the near future.

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